My thoughts on the Referendum on Thursday

My thoughts on the Referendum on Thursday

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I wanted to write a piece trying to address some of the misconceptions floating about about the Referendum on the 5th, but it was quickly turning into a huge post no one would read anyway. I'm going to put it like this:

First of all, if you have the right to vote in the Referendum on the UK electoral system this Thursday GO VOTE!

Secondly, and this is equally important; think what you're voting for. This referendum is NOT about party allegiances! It is purely a choice of what system YOU think is the most democratic. To this end, please find out exactly how both systems work. Read some articles, watch some Youtube videos (my preferred method) and DO NOT TRUST either of the campaigns running. They are campaigns and as such are not meant to balance the argument, just sway you one way or the other with emotional appeals and scare tactics.

If you're interested what I'll be voting and why, read on...

I will be voting yes to the Alternative Vote as I believe it to be a more democratic system of representation. I believe it gives everyone an equal amount of votes for their constituency. And I don't buy most of the arguments put forward by the NOtoAV campaign.

Yes it will end up costing more money to run an election. But the finance for an election isn't directly transferable to soldier equipment or the NHS as the campaign would have you believe. Also, isn't a fairer democratic system worth a bit extra? The amount is a pittance on the scale of the government budget.

The argument that people are too dumb to rank their preferences is frankly insulting. It suggests the British public is too stupid for a fairer democratic system and that it should just pander to the lowest common denominator.

Should you vote AV as well? That's up to you entirely, but please make sure you know what your voting for! Educate yourself on both systems and ignore the party politics trying to sway you this way or that. If the decision could be justified with a one-liner this referendum wouldn't be needed in the first place! ;)
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